Corporate Video Melbourne


As well as studio recording Oaklands also offers on site recording. This is useful for recording live gigs and concerts and also if you have a particular recording space in mind for your project such as a cathedral or concert hall.

We offer a variety of different recording methods to suit any style of music for any medium. Here are a few of our most common services.

Stereo Recording – This is where we capture the sound as closely as possible to the original acoustic performance. This is perfect for recitals and live concerts. We put up a high quality pair of microphones and away we go. Often the simplest of recording methods can produce the finest results. We have a variety of microphones, preamps and miking techniques to cater for any situation.

Multitrack Recording – This is where we use more than two microphones, this is the best method when you need control over the balance and sound of an ensemble. You may have an acoustic ensemble but the balance within the ensemble isn’t perfect, you may have an orchestra with unbalanced sections (not enough strings, too much brass, etc), in these cases we need to put spot mics on the ensembles to help balance it out. Certain styles of music require multitrack recording such as pop/rock bands, any sort of electronic music, film orchestras and funk/soul bands.

Location Recording – This is sound for film / TV. We use stereo shotgun boom mics to capture the voices of the actors, we also use ambience mics, whatever is required to get sound into your visual production. We can do this for you or you can hire the gear and do it yourself.


Oaklands offers a variety of services in video recording including music videos, concert visual recording, corporate video, conferences and wedding videos. We have multiple digital video cameras available (Canon, Sony and Panasonic).

Oaklands offers a very high standard of visual production and combined with our audio recording services we offer the complete package of not only giving you great looking video but also great sounding audio to go with it. We record all the audio onto a separate multitrack digital audio system, not directly into the cameras. This allows for a much higher quality product and gives us the flexibility of selecting the right audio equipment to get the best results. Think of it as the difference between recording a concert with a single microphone mounted on the video camera at the back of the hall as opposed to having 20 or so microphones placed on the stage all picking up specific sounds or the difference between picking up a wedding ceremony with a single mic mounted on the camera as opposed to dedicated radio lapel mics tucked inside the celebrant and grooms jackets picking up the voice from the source.

For a concert video, we will record your performance using one of our on site / live recording methods and video using multiple cameras. We then edit the video together and sync the audio to the recording. This gives you better than CD quality audio and full HD digital quality video.

For a music video we record the band as we would for a CD production and video the recording session so we can provide live looking band playing shots. We then do a series of other video sessions getting footage to mix in making up the music video. We mix and master everything to attain the highest quality product.

For corporate and conference video we record all event on the day with multiple cameras and in the post production stage add in things like corporate messages, additional audio and effects and powerpoint presentations.

For wedding videos we can record anything from a simple capture of the ceremony right through to a production of the entire event from start to finish. In post produciton we add in your selection of music and photos to give you a complete record of the day.

Video cameras and equipment are also available for hire, we have cameras, tripods, mounting hardware, video mixers, chroma keyers, DVRs, DVD players/recorders and projectors available.