PA Supply and Operation

Oaklands can cater to all of your sound reinforcement needs including public address, vocal PA, band PA, theatre, right through to concert systems. We offer a wide variety of PA setups to suit any ensemble with or without engineers to mix the show. We only offer the highest quality equipment from companies like Meyer Sound, EV, Nexo, Sennheiser, JBL, Shure, dbx, Focusrite, AKG and TC Electronics

We also have an extensive lighting service now available from simple DJ setups right through to complex theatre and stage systems.

Our small PA systems which comprise of a pair of powered speakers, a mixing console and microphones are perfect for public address, duos, small bands, etc.

Our small band packages which comprise of front of house and foldback speakers, mixing console, effects, EQ and microphones are perfect for standard commercial bands.

Our larger band systems can handle as many as 96 channels with 20 foldbacks, all with fully automatable and recallable settings. These systems are available with an engineer, foldback engineer and stage engineer if required.

Along with public address, vocal and band systems we can also supply sound for theatre and cabaret productions. Along with sound reinforcement we can help you out with backing tracks and video recording. For theatre applications we can supply all speakers, effects, samplers for audio cues, spot mics and radio mics for the actors / performers. These systems can cater for up to 32 radio mics on performers, shotgun mics for the chorus, mics for the orchestra, effects for the show, foldback for the performers and orchestra and even a closed circuit video system for on stage cues. We can cater for any theatre production and rates are based on season length and budget of the company.

All PA systems are available with or without operator and delivery and pick up can be arranged. Individual component hire is also available.