Oaklands has recently completed construction on the new facility featuring a large tracking room, large mix room, smaller mix rooms and iso booths. Any ensemble can now be catered for in house, we can support ensembles from soloists through to Symphony Orchestra. This is a state of the art facility based on the ABC Studios at Southbank. The studio has been designed and built by acoustic guru Graham Thirkell.

All rooms in the facility are connected via video link, audio tie lines and a computer network system.

Click here for a 360 degree tour of the facility.

Control Room A

Control Room A is our premiere mix room, based around a 128 channel Harrison Series10 Console with full automation and flying faders this room can handle any mixing task. The room features a plasma screen built into the front wall for viewing film during a mix as well as a motorised drop down projector screen to use for bigger film mixing projects. Studio A also offers extensive video editing capabilies. All rooms in the facility can be viewed via video link on either the plasma or projector screen. The room features a 96I/O Pro Tools v10 HD3 Accel System running on an 8 core Mac Pro.

Additional Control Rooms and Production Suites

Oaklands Productions houses 4 additional control rooms and production suites. These rooms range from fully isolated critical listening spaces through to more relaxed production suites with a view. These rooms can be linked to our two larger rooms for bigger projects. As the whole facility is linked together clients can track in Studio A then move to one of the suites for editing and overdubs and return to Studio A for mixing. All rooms in the facility can be viewed via video link on either the LCD, Plasma or Projector screens. The rooms are fitted out with high end equipment like Neve, API and Focusrite Preamps, Universal Audio and dbx Compressors and a Yamaha 02R96 56 channel digital console which is setup for 5.1 surround mixes.

Studio A

Studio A is our premiere tracking room, it is a large room that can cater for any ensemble up to a 65 piece orchestra. This room is perfect for film orchestra recording as it can cater for the size of the ensembles as well as offers a 150″ projector screen that the musical director can view the film on as the ensemble is recording ensuring the music is in sync with the vision. The room acoustics have been specifically designed for large ensemble recording and the modular acoustic panels can be moved around to cater for the desired sound. There is a Decca Tree permanently flown in the room using Neumann microphones so a session can be up and running in a matter of minutes. We also have over 50 pairs of high quality Sennheiser headphones and over 80 music stands for large ensemble tracking sessions. All rooms in the facility can be viewed via video link on either the plasma or projector screen.

Drum Booth

Studio B is our dedicated Drum Booth however it can be used for all kinds of recording. The rooms is designed to be quite diffusive and really give punch to the drum sound. Bigger budget projects can utilise our premiere Studio A tracking space for drum recording however this room is quickly developing a sought after sound of it’s own.

Guitar Booth

Studio C is our dedicated Amp Booth and features a combination of diffusive and absorbive elements. With the different acoustic properties around the room any desired sound can be achieved.

Vocal Booth

Studio D is our dedicated vocal and voice over booth. It offers a completely reflection free environment in which to record vocals and any other instrument you want recorded without reflection.

Additional Tracking Spaces

Oaklands Productions houses four additional tracking spaces. These spaces vary in size and sound and can be used to achieve any sound you are after.